Video and Other Multimedia in Digication

Digication provides a few methods of displaying multimedia in your e-Portfolio. The best method of inserting these types of content into your e-Portfolio is to place the Image/Video/Audio module on one of your pages. Here’s how:

While logged into Digication and in Edit Mode in your e-Portfolio …

To Add Multimedia to your Page:

  1. Access the Page where you’d like to display video or audio.
  2. Click on the Add a Module button and choose the Image/Video/Audio Module.
  3. Click on the Add This Module button to add it to your Page.
  4. Click on the Replace This Mediabutton on the newly placed module. A new window will open giving the choice of adding multimedia from your computer (this is like attaching a file to an email) or to embed media from the web using any of these services:
  5. All of these services require that you first select and copy the embed code; then, return to this module, choose the correct source, and then paste the embed code.
  6. Click on the Insert button to record your changes.
  7. Lastly, Save and Publish your changes.

Multimedia can also be placed within a Rich Text Module, if you want to include text with your multimedia.

To add multimedia in a Rich Text Module:

While logged into Digication and in Edit Mode on your e-Portfolio …

  1. Access the Page where your Rich Text Module resides.
  2. Activate the Edit Mode of the Rich Text Module.
  3. Click on the Insert Media button on the Rich Text Menu.  You can either upload a piece of media from your computer or directly link to and embed from services like YouTube.
  4. Choose from either the From My Computer or Media from Web tab.
  5. Either upload your media or paste the embed code from the service you want to like to and embed.
  6. Choose how you want the text to align to the media (either left or right aligned).
  7. Edit the Dimension settings to lessen the size of the multimedia. Be aware that this may distort the media.
  8. Click on the Insert button once you are done.
  9. Lastly, Save and Publish your changes.


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