Types of ePortfolios

An ePortfolio can be categorized into any of these areas:
  • Developmental (e.g., working) –  an ePortfolio that shows the progress of a project, etc..
  • Reflective (e.g., learning) – an ePortfolio that demonstrates the learner’s understanding over time.
  • Representational (e.g. showcase) – an ePortfolio that showcases content (e.g. like a photography portfolio).
ePortfolios can further be broken down into two areas, as defined by Dr. Helen Barrett:
  • Standardized – a standardized  ePortfolio is one that is structured the same for all users in a group. There is little room for personal expression in a standardized ePortfolio. Having a standard structure can help with assessing student work, especially when comparing to other students.
  • Personalized –  a personalized ePortfolio is one that allows the owner to express themselves and their learning. These types of portfolios often have common areas (between owners) but the design, the look and feel, are completely controlled by the owner. Although these types of portfolios may be harder to assess by comparison, they give the owner more of a sense of “buy-in” to the process.


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