Sharing Digication Portfolios

When you are ready to share your e-Portfolio with others, you will need to change the permission settings:

While logged into Digication and in Edit Mode of your e-Portfolio …

  1. Click on the Portfolio Tools drop-down menu in the upper-right corner.
  2. Choose SETTINGS.
  3. Under the Permissions Section, choose either Private to Me (viewable only by you), Private within Cornell University (viewable by logged in users at Cornell University), or Public (Viewable by anyone and searchable by Google and other search engines).

You also have the option of clicking on the Custom Permissions link … here you can enter the NETID of a user, a Group name, or a Course name, and then share it with those individuals or groups by giving them the following permissions:

  • Admin (can edit e-Portfolio settings including adding and removing users edit and publish your e- Portfolio)
  • Publisher (can edit and publish your e-Portfolio)
  • Editor (can edit your e-Portfolio but not publish)
  • Viewer (can only view your e-Portfolio)

Please note that when you begin to share your e-Portfolios with others you will also need to edit the Comments area of your Portfolio Settings. Comments can be set to not show to the viewers of your e-Portfolio.


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