Providing Feedback in Digication

Leaving feedback and comments on an ePortfolio page is an important part of the learning process. There may be times when you, as faculty, need to leave feedback on an ePortfolio user’s page, and there may be times when you want all students to leave comments on their peers’ pages. Regardless, leaving comments on a Digication page is straight-forward.

How do I leave a comment?

  1. Go to the page that you would like to comment on.
  2. Click on Show Comments and and Tags link on the bottom right corner of the page.
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and you’ll see an area where you can¬†leave comments and tags.
  4. Complete your comment/feedback and click on the Leave your comment button to record it.

If you elect to place Tags on the page, then you will enter short, one-word, labels for the page … that can later be searched on in Digication and/or filtered by.


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