Getting ePortfolios For Your Class

We recommend the follow steps to start working with ePortfolios:

    1. Determine Your Goals
      Having a learning goal(s) in place before using ePortfolios is crucial for a successful implementation. Completing this step will help to focus your use of ePortfolios as well as to clarify to your learners the purpose and benefits.
    2. The Platform
      Cornell University offers one platform for ePortfolios: Digication.
    3. Develop a Template
      Creating an ePortfolio template for your learners, complete with instructional cues, makes it easier for the learner to know what is expected to be included in the ePortfolio and makes for a more consistent design between all ePortfolios in a class.
    4. Introduce to Learners
      Spend time introducing ePortfolios to your learners so that they understand how they will be using them, what will go into them and the various benefits of eportfolios. Spend additional time introducing the concepts behind reflective-based writing as all learners will need to know this skill in order to create their ePortfolios.
    5. Use
      Once learners start using ePortfolios, gauge their questions and uses in order to tweak the setup for future use. Academic Technologies be with you to support both pedagogical and technical questions.
    6. Evaluate
      All learning and teaching should be continually evaluated for future use.

Think of these six steps as a circular process. Once you have evaluated your first use, revisit your learning goals and adjust your use for the next time. ePortfolios work best when used over a long period of time … longer than a semester.


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