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Digication has the ability to provide templates for users, so, instead of starting with an empty ePortfolio, you can create a template, complete with instructional cues, to provide to users via a Course, Group or Community. Keep in mind that while templates may be good for the user–so that they understand what needs to go into their ePortfolio–they may also hinder creativity. Many faculty provide a template just to let users¬†know what needs to go into the ePortfolio, while enabling individual users to organize content to suit their personal expression.

To create a template in Digication:

  1. Login to Digication.
  2. Click on the Create button to the right of the My Portfolios section.
  3. Design the ePortfolio template as if you were creating what you’d like to see in the ePortfolio. Note: Be sure to include instructional text where able so that students know a little more about what goes into each page/module. You can also provide users with a set of questions to answer in order to create content. Users will, eventually, delete these instructional cues when creating their own content.
Once you are done creating the ePortfolio template, add it to your Course, Group or Community as a template that everyone can use.
To add an ePortfolio template to your Course, Group or Community area:
  1. Login to Digication.
  2. Access your Course, Group or Community.
  3. Click on the ePortfolio tab.
  4. Click on the Add Portfolio button.
  5. Search for your ePortfolio template by its title (what you named it).
  6. When you find your template, click the Add button to the right of the ePortfolio name.
  7. Set the access permissions for both Faculty and Student Views.
  8. Lastly, choose Yes from the Template options in order to offer the ePortfolio as a template to users.
Hint: If you preface the title of your ePortfolio template with “01”, when your users access the Course, Group or Community to make a copy of the template, the template will be listed first on this list, regardless of how many other users already created their ePortfolio from the template. The ePortfolio area of a Course, Group or Community always lists the ePortfolios in alphabetical order by ePortfolio title.


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