Digication Modules

Modules provide you with the ability to add content to your portfolio page(s). 

To add a module to your page:

  1. Click on the button ‘Add A Module’ to add a module to your page.
  2. Take a minute to look at the variety of modules that are available and choose the one that will present your work the best (see descriptions below).
  3. Then, click on ‘Done’ to start adding content (or select more modules to add).

Upon clicking ‘Done’, the following options will become available. These options are the same for any text or media module that is added.

Here is a brief explanation of those options:

  • ‘Add A Module’ allows additional modules to be added to this page.
  • ‘Publish All’ allows you to publish any saved media or text to your e-Portfolio. This is especially helpful when there is more than one module on a page.
  • The tab View (Media or Text) is a view of your saved, but not published, module content (drafts).
  • The tab Edit is where you can add and edit module content.
  • The tab Publish is where you can publish a specific module to your e-Portfolio.
  • The tab Delete allows you to delete the module from the page.
  • Drag to reorder allow you to reorder modules on a page.

Some of the modules available include:

  • Image/Video – The ‘Image/Video’ module allows you to display a single large piece of media, such as a movie or an image. Click on ‘Add This Module’ to add this module.
  • Rich Text – The ‘Rich Text’ modules allows you to add text onto your page. Consider this module to be a mini-word-processor for you to add/format text, add images to your text, add file attachments, etc.
  • Gallery (for multiple images or videos) – The ‘Gallery’ module allows you to add an image gallery, or video gallery, to your page.
  • Contact Form – The ‘Contact Form’ module allows you to add an email contact form to a portfolio page. Then, visitors to your page can complete a form in order to contact you.
  • Equation – The ‘Equation’ module allows you to add content in the form of LaTeX, MathML, and AsciiMath notations, which will will be displayed as equations.


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